The struggle in the land of Wano continues unabated. The action takes place on several levels, but it seems that this war between pirates in ONE PIECE has reached a turning point. Here's what happens in the preview for episode 1034.

In ONE PIECE 1033, viewers experienced it Multi-level clash impenetrable to Wano Kuni. As Sanji continues to carry the now exhausted Zorro on his back and wipe out dozens of enemy pirates, Kidd goes in search of Big Mom to end his fight.

However, the Empress is currently upset: Otama was badly beaten by Ulti. Angry at this heinous gesture, Nami stops running away and starts his challenge with Ulti. However, the navigator cannot keep up and after a few successful attacks is finally defeated. That's where Big Mom comes in.

After losing Zeus, who is watching the fight from the shadows, Big Mom has formed a new team. Replacing Zeus is Era. That Big Mom's new cloud team seems to work even better than the previous one as the Empress defeats Ulti easily. After both Page One and Ulti were attacked, Kaido and Big Mom's alliance seems to have ended.

on the main battlefield, Kaido and Luffy continue to exchange violent blows one after the other. While Kaido reiterates that he is the strongest, Luffy gathers the haki around him to launch the decisive attack. However, Luffy is defeated.

In which'ONE PIECE 1034 preview, coming to Crunchyroll for simulcast streaming on September 25, 2022, we see the Straw Hat crew with their backs to the wall. What will Nami, Usopp and all the others do after the captain is defeated?

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