Akira Toriyama entered Dragon Ball Z seemingly trivial topics, which, however, take on a much greater meaning in their entirety. A rather interesting theme that we see during Gohan's training along with Piccolo concerns the principle of survival that is so dear to Charles Dawrin.

Charles Dawrin's theory still sparks debate in the scientific community today, but his hypotheses have helped fuel and enrich entire masterpieces. That from Akira Toriyama is no exception, as the Sensei addressed such a delicate subject in his work through the figure of Piccolo, the mentor of gohan.

In fact, during the Saiyan saga, the Namek forces Goku's son on a potentially deadly mission: survive alone at his old age in the wild. Later, when he embarked on an academic career, Gohan would have begun to study Piccolo's teachings on a scientific level, beginning with the character most focused on the question, Charles Darwin. In a fragment of the anime, the same appendix below, we see the young Saiyan carrying books precisely related to the theorist's character.

And you, on the other hand, noticed this detail that connects the two characters on a scientific level? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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