Ken the warrior: when the phrase was born "You are already dead"?  Tetsuo Hara’s statement

You're already dead. Omae wa mo shindeiru. You are already dead. We have heard or read this sentence in many declensions, but the root is only one: Ken the warrior, the mythical manga born by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson in the 80s and accompanied by editor Horie.

It was a real buzzword, and in fact it still is today when Omae wa mo Shindeiru inspired a Japanese hit. But when and how this historical phrase of Ken the warrior was born? The history of the creation of this expression was revealed some time ago by the editor Horie, who was a guest at the Japan Expo 2013 in France together with the designer Tetsuo Hara.

While the mangaka was drawing Don Quixote, the editor suggested that he create another comic, but one that focused on Chinese martial arts. Mangaka and its editor then began discussing the creation of another manga, leaving the motorcycle aside, laying the groundwork for Ken the Warrior. It was in it Point in time when the phrase "You are already dead" was born, Pressure point connections and other elements.

However, the editor Horie also had the job of editor of Weekly Shonen Jump and couldn't deal with the story for it They entrusted all of these concepts to Buronsonwho later became the official screenwriter. That way, Hara could only focus on the drawings while Horie focused on overseeing the story. Ken the warrior then lasted for many years, too many according to Tetsuo Hara.

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