The new narrative arc of the manga by My Hero Academia, which is seeing the Liberation Front clash at full power against the Pro Heroes, is holding the whole world in suspense. Thanks to deadly fights, for example the duel between Dabi and Hawks, things are getting more interesting.

The latest chapters literally made fans jump from the chair, with Shigaraki Tomura who awoke with the powers of All for One and the sudden enhancement that Deku has had in control of his One for All. To make it even more interesting are the various fights that are taking place from every part of the battlefield and the way, in this saga, Horikoshi decided to be rather violent with his characters, showing some exceptional deaths following Shigaraki's awakening.

If the entry of the main characters, the nemesis of Deku and the voice of first bearer of the One for All who spoke to our protagonist were not enough to make the hype skyrocket, it must be added that in the last chapter they met other very strong villains, like, for example, the fearsome tamer of the ice, Geten. With the hooded enemy who uses ice in a very similar way to Todoroki, things are bound to get even more interesting. Not to mention how these are one very strong supporter of the ideals that the Liberation Front pursues. Or that society must be based on "law of the fittest". Who has a greater power is destined to hold a prominent role, while those who oppose this, like heroes, are only gods "dogs of society", as you said yourself.

What do you think of this great war staged by Horikoshi? Let us know below in the comments.

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