The situation of My Hero Academia becomes more and more complicated as Kohei Horikoshi churns out chapters to be published on Weekly Shonen Jump. The war between villain and hero gets harder and harder, let's see together what awaits us in chapter 272 of My Hero Academia.

The spoiler for My Hero Academia 272 bring us back in the middle of the battle but again with a scenario focused on One for All and All for One. The title is "Hello!" and probably refers to the return to life of Tomura Shigaraki. The boy wakes up and gets up, while Dr. Garaki sees him and exults saying that the villains have won.

Simultaneously, Deku senses a voice in his head asking to stop him. While the protagonist of My Hero Academia understands that the voice belongs to the first owner of One for All, attack a building with his new Air Smash technique. It is not known if the event is connected, but in the laboratory the ceiling begins to collapse and the heroes begin to flee the area and among these Endeavor is seen carrying Mirko in his arms.

What will become of the battle now that Shigaraki has awakened? Will Deku be able to stop the new big villain from My Hero Academia?

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