My Hero Academia returns to Weekly Shonen Jump in this weekend. After obligatory stops for Coronavirus and Golden Week, the magazine resumes its publication on paper in Japan but also digitally in Europe thanks to MangaPlus. After the first spoilers of My Hero Academia 270, let's see together the contents of this chapter.

We broke up with My Hero Academia 269 which had shown Shigaraki lifeless while Present Mic was taking Dr. Garaki away. The story of the new chapter picks up right from those moments, with the hero X-Less who noticed the presence of a strange machine that remained unharmed. Meanwhile, Present Mic carries the doctor under his arm who begins to slurp over his past research and makes it clear that he has a quirk that doubles his life. However, he also seems to claim that he no longer has it.

The scenario suddenly changes and brings us to the mind of Tomura Shigaraki. The boy is grappling with his family trying to stop him from getting his master's All for One. After destroying everything thanks to his original quirk, Tomura embraces the darkness. In the real world, the doctor seems to cry with joy as he reveals that the real All for One has been passed on to Shigaraki, while the villain beaten by All Might only had a kind of duplicate of true power.

In the finale, Shigaraki begins to experience seizures while Deku senses his arrival from afar. My Hero Academia will return next week with chapter 271.

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