The manga of ONE PIECE with an eventful chapter 979. The appointment of this week was published on MangaPlus at 18:00 in Spanish and English, let's see what the contents prepared by Eiichiro Oda for the fans were.

Entitled "Family problems", the chapter 979 of ONE PIECE starts with a mini cover adventure that does not bring us back to the events of Capone Bege, but to something that is happening just outside of Dressrosa. The pirate ship Tontatta runs into another boat with an unconscious man on it.

While in, the invasion of Onigashima resumes but first Oda shows us other scenarios. Let's start with that of Orochi who is laughing and drinking in Kaido Castle, convinced that the twenty-year threat of the Kozuki clan has finally been eradicated thanks to the events of the previous nights. He does not know, however, that Kanjuro has come to the island to try to warn of the plan's failure. The traitor takes down some pirates of Kaido's group, convinced that the man is an enemy, and while wandering in search of a path, Momonosuke realizes the presence of a weapon that he could use.

Meanwhile the pirates of Kaido on the surface are celebrating and have not noticed the invasion of 5000 men, divided into several fronts. Meanwhile, Oda allows us to take a look at the protagonists of ONE PIECE. Luffy went after Kidd, and the captain was later followed by Zoro. Obviously the other crew members reacted with dismay, while Jinbe tells them about these events. While everyone is preparing by dividing into various groups, there is someone looking in the shadows Robin and Jinbe.

Meanwhile, in the presence of Kaido, it is communicated that there will be the announcement of the alliance with Big Mom and another important notice, but first the Six Flying Warriors must find Yamato, the Kaido's son. If they manage to bring him back unharmed by his father, they will receive the opportunity to face one of the Three Calamities.

Finally, Luffy wanders in search of Kidd and observes all the food prepared for the pirates. Some of these, however, throw the dishes around and the captain with the straw hat, thinking of the hunger felt by Tama, is furious. ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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