My Hero Academia: can the crimes committed by the villains be forgiven?

The Main opponent of My Hero Academia You are part of the Union of Villain, a group of criminals who want to turn the false ideologies of the society of professional heroes on their heads. But, although they did numerous bad deeds, they could be forgiven by Deku and his companions.

Under the dark guidance of All For One, Tomura Shigaraki formed the Union of Villains, a criminal group composed of elements that they don't have in mind and are not afraid of the heroes. In the current My Hero Academia narrative arc, "Paranormal Liberation War," the faction led by Shigaraki sparked a violent confrontation that resulted in the deaths of several members of the two sides involved. Despite this terrible event, will the villains still be able to redeem themselves?

Unlike traditional antagonists, My Hero Academia have bad guys an appealing backgroundwhich leads viewers to forgive them for their actions. The members of the Union of Villains are a team of social outcasts, tragic figures who have come together to break the rules imposed by professional heroes. Although their actions are clearly skewed, Kohei Horikoshi has managed to challenge their point of view: are the gestures made by the union really wrong?

At the end of this saga, the heroes can choose to do so forgive the bad guys. However, this could only happen if Pro Heroes and Union of Villains face a new threat that both factions can end. Ironically, it could be All For One to breathe life into this unimaginable collaboration, hidden in Shigaraki's psyche. This theory could bring the new saga of My Hero Academia to life. In the meantime, Toga could star in a spin-off on My Hero Academia. Here's why.

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