The new anime season of My hero academy It won't be out until fall 2022, but fandom's thirst will be quenched with the release of two special episodes. The web has released the first frames of Hero League Baseball, the first of two OVAs in which the heroes of Yuei are involved in a baseball game.

That studio bones, He is very busy with the production of Season 6 and has also created two specials that will be chronologically placed in the middle of Season 5. Pictures of the OVA Hero League Baseball were shared on the anime's official website, which were also published on Crunchyroll.

Always great rivals who Professional heroes Gang Orca and Shishido They'll settle their argument with a baseball game. The two formations "Orcas" and "Lionels" are supplemented by other professionals and by students from classes 1-A and 1-B of the UA High School.

We can see them in the pictures full team, in yellow jumpsuits and blue jumpsuits, Gang Orca and Shishido argue and Kaminari teams up with Shishida from Class 1-B. This OVA is accompanied by Laugh Like Hell!, My Hero Academia Special, in which a villain will make his debut. And you, will you follow these two original episodes or skip them and wait for the manga adaptation?

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