The series of My Hero Academia has an impressive amount of characters, including Heroes, Pro Heroes and of course also the Villains, and this also sees numerous voice actors intent on giving voice to all of them, and among these Clifford Chapin, or Bakugo, has recently made a nice gift to a fans of the series, victim of a small accident.

The story was told directly by the girl's mother, Kristen McGuire, actress, voice actress of Tatami Nakagame's character, and also a writer for the US company Funimation. By sharing the post on the bottom of the page on Twitter, McGuire told the story of how his daughter, going too fast on her scooter, ended up having a fracture in her wrist, and therefore a plaster cast.

The "moving" part of the story came when the voice actor of Bakugo's character, and colleague of McGuire, Clifford Chapin personally transformed the girl's plaster making it look like one of the grenade bracelets of Midoriya's partner / rival, wishing them also through a writing to heal soon.

Surely Bakugo would have something to complain about, especially for his immense ego and pride, but the gesture made by his voice actor remains significant. We also remember that after the success achieved by the fourth season of My Hero Academia, the production of the fifth has been confirmed.

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