Taking advantage of the break in the serialization of My hero academy, Kohei Horikoshi's assistant returns to share a new sketch on his Twitter profile. In Yoshinori Noguchi's art, Katsuki Bakugo has a small, big fan!

The release of My Hero Academia Chapter 356 is scheduled for June 19th. In this free week, the assistant Noguchi has created two more very funny skits. L'Hero Katsuki Bakugo, whose official name is Dynamight, has found its first fan. Leaning against a tree trunk, Kacchan sits next to him Fan boy number one, Izuku Midoriya. As a child, Deku rests, drooling in his mouth while being lulled to sleep by his favorite hero.

The second sketch continues the funny skit. While Bakugo snorts, little Deku continues dream of exciting adventures: He too will one day become a great hero like Dynamight. Despite the obvious irritation, not even Kacchan can deny his fanboy Midoriya a nap.

The two illustrations, exclusively in black and white, were shared on theofficial Twitter account @ nstime23, where Horikoshi's assistant is constantly posting sketches of My Hero Academia. Although not in the same way, Deku is also actually Bakugo's biggest fan. In fact, the two protagonists are longtime friends.

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