The anime of Spy x family It was the most popular of the Spring 2022 season and lived up to the public's very high expectations. The adaptation, produced in collaboration between WIT Studio and CloverWorks, is nearing the end of the first cour, but fans still want to know more about the stories of the protagonists.

A strange debate has arisen in the community of enthusiasts, which originated in a thread opened by a user on the web platform 4chan. The fan concerned was asked to do so what origins was Yor Briar, a perfect wife and mother by day and a professional killer by night. Here is a Spy x Family Yor cosplay that will help you guess Yor's ethnicity.

The topic attracted the attention of fans from all over the world. According to some answers, Yor would be from of Slavic origin, because as reported by official sources, her original name should have been Yolanda. In addition, the dish that was usually eaten in the family had Russian-Ukrainian origins, and his brother also has a name of Russian origin.

To pay tribute to Yor Forger's European heritage, Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy is set in a fantasy and fictional version of Cold War-era East Germany. However, in the Spy x Family 1x10 Easter Egg, the protagonists visit Namek, the planet from Dragon Ball Z. Still according to fan theories, the secret agent Twilight, Loid Forger, would have been instead German or English origin.

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