Midoriya and Sasuke are very similar in their own way. The former experiences an intense rivalry against his childhood friend, Bakugo, while the latter was rescued from the dark by Naruto. But the My Hero Academia protagonist Could he replace the Hokage and survive a fight with the Uchiha?

If he was one of Naruto's characters Midoriya would be a taijutsu expert, like Gai or Rock Lee, and would use his One For All to take out his opponents with melee attacks. Equipped with great intelligence and tactical acumen, Deku developed impressive agility after training at Gran Torino. In order not to tire his arms too much, he learned to use the full force of his kicks.

Izuku Midoriya also learned to take advantage of hers powerful quirk Create air waves that can be used to wipe out enemies. With the full cow and the skills learned in fighting with Shigaraki, you can face any threat.

While not his specialty, Sasuke is also very skilled at martial arts. Uchiha offers top notch speed and power that can be combined with her chakra-based techniques. like the chidoriwith which he can deliver a deadly melee strike. Additionally, he can charge his sword with electricity to attack at medium range.

But Sasuke's main advantage is his phenomenal jutsu. In addition to the typical fireball of his clan, Sasuke is able to do this anticipate the movements of the opponent Thanks to the Sharingan as well as the capture of rivals in deadly illusion techniques. Thanks to his eye, he can also develop Amaterasu and summon Susanoo. The last resource could also be the callback technique.

If you analyze the skills of the two, who would win one on one? Izuku would immediately start attacking, sensing that the opponent's ability would immediately use the whole cow to improve his mobility. But thanks to the Sharingan, Sasuke was able to avoid the attacks of the young hero very well. Uchiha would still rule out hand-to-hand combat and then try catch him with the flames of Amaterasu or with illusion techniques. Once stunned, Izuku would be easy prey for the chidori. Despite losing the fight, the protagonist of My Hero Academia inspired Megan Thee Stallion. We admire this provocative My Hero Academia cosplay from Redgum.

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