The challenge imposed by Tomura Shigaraki is very difficult to complete. My Hero Academia's villain has fused his personality with that of All for One, and the supervillain isn't holding back. In fact, his opponents, while promising heroes, are unable to stop him with their quirks. It will be necessary wait for the arrival of Deku.

The problem is that the protagonist of My Hero Academia could really come back too late. In fact, the situation spiraled out of control in the final few chapters as Bakugo was cornered by Shigaraki and rescued at the last minute. But when it seemed over, the young hero rose with his blast squad and alerted All for One, who decided to end it and hit him full-on. It seems that the Bakugo's heart stoppedand triggered a cliffhanger that stunned My Hero Academia readers.

It will be a few more days to know the extent of what happened. Meanwhile, however, the assistant Noguchi who helps Horikoshi produce My Hero Academia posted on his Twitter account a very moving illustration with Bakugo. On the right the small version with the character All Might, then it grows and finally seems to disappear into a ghost. Is it really the end for him?

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