The war arc changed heroes' society forever, giving it a distinctly darker turn My hero academiawhich now has more mature tones. When Deku tries to assert himself as the lone hero, he is attacked by a mysterious villain who is accompanied by a dangerous antagonist we had previously known.

It was revealed in the final chapters of My Hero Academia the hero's plan: Use Deku as bait to lure All For One and his men into a trap. However, it is Midoriya who falls into the ambush of the villains. Suddenly, the car All Might was traveling in was hit by a shell and at the same time its legacy was attacked by snipers.

However, the new villain, who calls herself Lady Nagant and is inspired by Harley Quinn from Batman, is accompanied by an old friend: Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul. Chisaki, the main opponent of the Shie Hassaikai bow, was defeated by Midoriya, supported by little Eri. Before he was sent to prison, however, his arms fell victim to the anger of Tomura Shigaraki.

After this event, the overhaul appears to be fully completed lost my reasonand almost becomes a machine with no personality. Although in this condition, Lady Nagant has decided to free him from captivity and take him with her. But for what reason?

""It has some loosening roles, but I thought it might be useful in some way. He is another victim of this society of evil heroes"says Lady Nagant in one of the boards of the manga. Will Overhaul be able to regain his senses? If so, will he decide to attack Deku or Shigaraki? Wait to find out, here are spoilers and pictures on My Hero Academia 313.

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