After a phase of preparation and a long wait on the part of the community, the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super Eventually, Goku and Vegeta led to a clash with Granolah, who previously wanted to become the strongest warrior in the universe. However, the two Saiyajins have a secret weapon at their disposal.

Although Goku and Vegeta have trained hard, one by improving Ultra Instinct and the other by mastering Hakai, they still seem unsure of their new skills. In fact, the two Saiyajins, deceived by deception, brought with them a secret weapon that was able to do so on the planet Cereal give him a second chance.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is finally starting the dances. The first to start the fight is Goku, who, however, underestimates the opponent and comes hit at an important point. Apparently Granolah possesses unprecedented strength and precision; Has he really become the most powerful warrior in the universe?

Without the intervention of Vegeta, whom he had brought with him two senzu beansIf he wasn't safe, Goku would most likely have been defeated in no time. Goku is reprimanded by his rival for placing too much trust in the angels' abilities. He has a second chance that he takes advantage of by combining Ultra Instinct with Super Saiyan God Blue.

Kakarot and Vegeta have one last senzu to go back to Healing power or will they be able to defeat Granolah?

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