Since the beginning of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya’s growth has been phenomenal. Within a short period of time, Deku was able to inherit and control All Might's Quirk. However, this did not happen without great sacrifice on his part.

In the new narrative arc of My Hero Academia, the protagonist surprised readers and his companions with a new mysterious force: the Float by Nana Shimura. The battle with villain leader Tomura Shigaraki has now reached its climax, and Deku can emerge victorious Only if you take full advantage of the One For All.

During Chapter 284, Deku prepares one final fatal blow after he caught Shigaraki in mid-air with his blackwhip. However, this step could cost him his life as 100% One For All is bad for his body. The protagonist of my hero Academia seems ready to make sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Bakugo watches the fight with concern. The young hero Think back to hard workouts performed together with Deku, Tsuyu and Sero. The latter helped Midoriya beat fast-paced opponents with the Blackwhip due to their incredible speed. The key to controlling the swimmer, on the other hand, was Uraraka.

Given the individuality with which the girl is endowed, Deku was able to learn to balance her body and move in the air. When Deku was thought to have 100% One For All just because he injured his teammates, we instead find that it does the result of intense training sessions. The next chapter of My Hero Academia is sure to bring us big surprises.

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