One of the great battles of the war between heroes and villains My hero academy was solved with a dramatic, unbelievable final move. This, born of the power of the heart, finally ends the Todoroki family controversy.

The clash between the Todoroki brothers culminates in My Hero Academia 352, released for free on MangaPlus. After hearing his older brother Toya's story, Shoto engaged in a fight that resulted in both of them pass the level of Endeavor.

Dabi has shown how intense his blue flames are, but just as deadly. Actually during the chapter little or nothing remains of his flesh: These were burned alive by the insane intensity of the fire released.

But driven by the men of Endeavor's agency and the trust Class 1-A has placed in him, it's Shoto's ice cream that crushes Dabi. Use both of his Quirks at the same timeEnji Todoroki's youngest son channels them through his heart, unleashing icy flames that block his brother's attacks.

Finally, Shoto uses his unprecedented finishing special move, the Great Glacial Aegir. This blow, simultaneously igniting and freezing the ground at his feet and the entire surrounding area, knocks Daby unconscious. Whether it is still possible to save Toya is still a mystery.

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