The latest episodes in the Reboot series Digimon Adventure 2020 marked the beginning of the new narrative arc in which the Digi-elect must be able to block the Millenniumon rebirth and bring the resulting acquisition of a new body through it directly to the place where one of its components is located contain.

Since the debut of this series, special attention has been paid to the relationship that each protagonist has with the corresponding Digimon, which underlines How this bond can then lead to the development of digital monstersand make it take on very powerful forms and stages as well, as is also expected in the next episode preview.

By title “Activate, metal garurumon“, Episode 45 will introduce a new mega evolution to the group of protagonists. After seeing Tai and WarGreymon in action, Yamato can also awaken the strength of MetalGarurumon, as you can see from the video below shared by @Wikimon_news. Below we report on the recap of the episode: “During their trip to FAGA, Taichi and his companions are on an old racetrack where races were once organized. Here they meet Machmon, a former champion who continues to compete alone. Garurumon, who likes to run, challenges Machmon, also with Yamato. ”

Keep in mind that the series’ ending theme recently changed and we leave you to the titles of the next episodes of Digimon Adventure 2020.

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