The Great Battle in the Land of Water resulted in the deaths of Kagura and Hebiichigo for the Village of Mist and Tenma and Funamushi for the Clan Funato. This causes the two factions to charge with hatred and seek revenge. In episode 249, Boruto This vicious circle hits him right in the heart.

After discovering the death of Hebiichigo in Boruto 248 in the early stages of the episode, Metal Lee and the others proceed desperate search for Denki and Iwabei, previously kidnapped by Funamishi's men. Although he is dead and the pirates have withdrawn from the island, there is still no trace of the two ninjas from Team 5. For Buntan, the duo was killed, but no one wants to believe those words.

Eventually, the ninja of Konoha are found alive and well, but their story angers Boruto. Once kidnapped, they were not killed by Funamushi Funato as they were captured while looking for food to feed innocent children. Even pirates who until recently were considered ruthless have one good heart.

In the turmoil of internal crises, Boruto spends the night in white. Once, while lost in his thoughts, he is attacked by the enemy. Two pirates are still on the island, ready to take revenge for the death of their commander. One of them making his stage debut is Funamushi's son Kobuna Funato. The Circle of Hate has deeply touched Boruto.

Knowing Kobuna even more arouses Boruto, who is accused of being a murderer and now wants to lay down his arms give up the fight. The coup de grace is given to the Seventh Hokage's son when he discovers that Ikada is Seiren Funato's younger brother. Will she be able to believe in a friendship with him, even though he's actually a funato?

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