It's been a very short time since the students of Class 1-A My hero academy They relied entirely on professional heroes. The war turned Midoriya into All Might's heir, Shoto into his father's Endeavour, and Fumikage into Hawks'.

After deceiving and knocking out Endeavor, All For One senses Hawks' weak spot and targets her. Number Two is on the brink of defeat, but is saved by his very own hero. Tokoyami and his Drak Shadowwith Kyoka Jiro on their backs, they promptly arrive at the battlefield.

For the second time, after clashing with Daby, which Hawks is still wearing, The student saves his mentor's life. But number two hesitates at first and asks the two would-be heroes to flee. 1-A's Black Hawk is not there and replies that he is only doing his duty and the strategy implemented by the heroes. Realize he's wrong that Number Two has his former intern fight at his side.

That Connection between Tokoyami and Hawks was born after the events of the Sports Festival, when the A-1 student who took third place was selected for an internship at the Flying Hero Agency. However, as he later found out, Fumikage was only chosen because Hawks wanted to speak to a Yuei student.

Resentfully, Tokoyami trained hard with Dark Shadow, but Hawks stated that he was still limiting himself and that he should make the sky his winning weapon. It was therefore Hawks who came up with the idea for Tokoyami's Dark Fallen Angel, the same ability that has now saved his life against the Symbol of Fear. Now it's your turn flying team-up attacking All For One's only weakness.

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