During the joint training against Class 1-B, Izuku Midoriya realized that the One For All had additional powers. Only in sixth anime season of My Hero Academia The young hero learns to master these other skills. Here's the last Quirk he got his hands on.

In this season of Studio BONES Anime Deku has grown steadily, who manages to use not only the One For All and the Black Whip, but also the Float and the Danger Sense. However, thanks to the discussion with the remains hidden within, Izuku realizes that he can control two other powers, those of the Second and Third Heirs.

During the second part of the fight between Deku and Lady Nagant, the young hero conducts the Fa Jin, the power inherited from the third track. Although he has never used it before, Deku manages to use Fa Jin perfectly and thanks to this power saves Chisaki and defeats Nagant. But what is the quirk of the third carrier?

Fa Jin is a force capable of storing kinetic energy of movements and then use them for tremendous increases in speed and power. Deku squats and uses it in his legs to dodge Nagant's bullets and sever the distances that separated him from his opponent. Here is how My Hero Academia's Fa Jin works in detail.

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