Between October and December 2022, theAdaptation of Chainsaw Man, one of the best anime of 2022. In the twelve episodes produced by Studio MAPPA for the first season, viewers got to know the protagonists of Fujimoto’s story. The narrative universe of the work may not be obvious to everyone.

The bizarre and violent The world of Chainsaw Man is inhabited by four different types of creatures. There are of course the humans, like Aki, the devils, the majins and hybrid devils. These last three categories are very similar but have key differences.

THE Devils are the main antagonists of work. Public Security is concerned with hunting down devils, most notably the dreaded Devil Gun, responsible for the deaths of millions of civilians around the world with an appearance of just a few seconds. However, some devils are friendly and can trade with fel hunters themselves in exchange for benefits. For example, Aki made a pact with the Devil Fox, allowing him to summon it and use its powers against food. Here are the top three devils to appear in Chainsaw Man Season 1.

Then there are the hybrid devils. It falls into that category Denji, who was given Pochita’s heart after her death. So, thanks to Devil Chainsaw’s pup, the protagonist has become a Chainsaw Man. Besides Denji, in the first season of Chainsaw Man we find another hybrid devil, Katana Man. A hybrid devil retains the human body and consciousness, but is able to use the powers of the devil fused with him.

The last category considered are the Mayin, also called enemies. The first Majin to debut in the series is Performance, the blood majin. Majins are devils who have possessed human corpses to survive. Unlike the hybrid devils, however, the devil’s personality predominates in this case. In the case of Power, for example, the blood devil possessed the body of a deceased blonde girl in order to transform into the blood majin.

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