In My Hero Academia 6x18, Deku was confronted with the remains of One For All, thereby gaining the trust of his predecessors. Midoriya has promised Nana Shimura that she will keep trying to save Tomura Shigaraki, in whose soul she saw a frightened child in need of help. It's about to startFinal Act of My Hero Academia.

With the nineteenth part of My Hero Academia Season 6, the Studio BONES anime will also enter its final act. It is the saga called Dark Hero Arc that takes us to the epilogue of the story.

My Hero Academia 6x18 concluded with the trio composed by Endeavour, Hawks and Best Jeanist who asked the citizens for forgiveness during an official conference. The situation in the Hero Society has degenerated and the streets of the cities are no longer safe due to the prison escape organized by All For One. Due to the lack of Pro Heroes available, the top 3 suggest civilians ask Shelter in the academy used as a shelter for heroes.

Meanwhile, Yuei High's Class 1-A students woke up with one bad surprise. Izuku Midoriya left them a note informing them of the reality of One For All and saying goodbye to protect them from villain attacks. Aware of being the prey of All For One and Shigaraki, Deku has decided to get away from everyone to save loved ones.

In My Hero Academia 6x19, therefore, the Arc of Dark Deku begins. Now alone, Midoriya roams the city to stop every crime going on with only All Might's assistance. This decision will cost you dearly. Episode 19 of My Hero Academia 6 will be released in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on February 11th.

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