The eleventh episode of the sixth season of My hero academy It was highly anticipated by readers of the manga, as well as those who only follow the anime given the centrality of the villain Dabi. Their dance was the setting for one of the most relevant and destructive revelations of the entire series, which could crown the episode as the best ever.

Expectations for the episode in question were also fueled by Bones studio's promotional ideas, such as the visual dedicated to the dance of Dabi, who has now become an icon in Horikoshi's work. Nobody could expect a Twist like the one that literally turned Endeavor's life upside downShoto, of the Todoroki family, and the founding of the Hero Society.

Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki, Number One's eldest son, believed dead after a serious accident and rescued by All For One. A dramatic story that was able to deepen the characterization of the character Gain millions of viewers, many of whom did not hesitate to recognize the importance of the episode and define it as the best, as you can see from the following posts. And what do you think of the episode and Dabi's revelation? did it hit you Tell us in the comments.

Here is the trailer for My Hero Academia episode 6x12 and an analysis of the extraordinary power Shigaraki has achieved.

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