dragon ball is now a pillar of Japanese animation and comics, and almost forty years after its debut on Shonen Jump, Son Goku's adventures continue to be followed by millions of fans around the world and receive special merchandise that attracts fans' attention, like the latest character from Didi Studio.

Although the work of Akira Toriyama, and with it the fate of the characters introduced in Dragon Ball Z, has been somewhat resumed in Dragon Ball Super, the Toyotaro-edited manga is set before the actual conclusion of the series and the touching farewell to Goku is aimed at the readers in cover page of chapter 519, Goodbye dragon world.

Let's take this illustration for reference, the artists of Didi Studio created the magnificent statue, 80 centimeters high, which you can see in the images shared in the post below. Arrived in the second quarter of 2023, in addition to the protagonist in its design, the statue now presents, far from the orange turtle school suit, three central elements of the story, at least in the first part: the Nyoi stick, the kinto cloud and the blue dragonwhich we can trace back to a prototype of what Shenron would have been in the series.

Two versions will be launched, differing only in the normal base or the dragon resting on the cloud. sold at 290 and 340 euros respectively. Tell us what you think in the comments section. Finally we remind you that the spoilers of Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super have already appeared on the net and we leave you with our summary of the Pilaf saga before the manga.

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