Nobunaga's unpredictable leap into the past began the telling of a very important backstory for Hunter X Hunter, which arrives unexpectedly but has been eagerly awaited. The birth of the Phantom Brigade is one of the most important points in the management of Quoll Lucifer and his group, which is now going through a rough patch.

As the search for Hisoka on the ship continues, which could lead to the deaths of more members of the criminal organization, the flashback continues in the final chapters of Hunter x Hunter with Quoll Lucifer and the other children of Meteor, the junk town inhabited by Exiles from society. Quoll's performance was enough to catch the attention of every kid in the area, even Uvo, Machi, Phinks, and Feitan, who up to this point were much more reserved and opinionated.

In Hunter x Hunter 397, the formation of the Phantom Brigade continues. If the group of kids has thought of being a brigade by now, the purpose they have is just to sync their favorite shows. The accident that Sarasa will most likely suffer will instead be the spark that ignites the desire to rebel against the world, or the actual moment the Phantom Brigade is born. The little girl is likely to be kidnapped and maybe even tortured and killed since she hasn't been talked about lately. Also, some members are still missing and some clarifications about the founding members of the brigade that could be uncovered in this chapter, which also contains the famous table with the tree uncovered by Yoshihiro Togashi and has given rise to various theories.

Hunter x Hunter 397 will be released on Sunday 4th December on MangaPlus.

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