Tite Kubo has returned. He not only penned the Burn the Witch manga, a spin-off of his fantasy world, and the sequel to the Bleach Hell saga. The mangaka has also returned to work by contributing to the production of the anime Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War is now broadcasting in Japan.

It's unknown when Disney+ will bring Bleach to Europe, but the show is sure to draw viewers old and new in Japan. Ichigo's adventures are complicated by Soul Society's recent invasion, this time by the Quincy. However, Tite Kubo has added some new features like the old captains of the Gotei 13, completely unreleased characters and only shown in silhouette version in the manga.

There are many who stole the eye in particular Saito Furofushi, a short woman with purple hair and an eye patch, but with a very aggressive and dangerous demeanor. Tite Kubo dedicated an illustration to the old commander of the sixth division, who currently has no idea what happened to her. Below is the mangaka's illustration, with the woman in a different pose than in the image where all the original Gotei 13 were collected. Do you like this character design?

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