The situation looks very serious at the moment. Both Gunga and Jaku are the heroes of My hero academy they suffer heavy casualties, sometimes from death and sometimes from serious injury. On the contrary, the villains seem to be more and more on the ball to leave their fallen behind and keep moving forward.

In particular, it is Gigantomachy, the gigantic weapon that remained dormant at the start of battle to completely transform the cards on the table in My Hero Academia. Creatie's idea, later fleshed out by the constant attacks from the guys from 1-A and 1-B, doesn't seem to have helped. On the other hand, however, the synergy between Deku and Bakugo resulted in the latter's serious injury in a shocking ending.

That my hero academy pendant 6x10 leaves no room for doubt: the protagonist will be very angry about what happened. Deku rampages and unleashes the full power of One for All, and in the process Shigaraki begins to suffer serious injuries. However, from one of those points, his personality seems to be weakening, leaving more room for an All for One eager to take on a new body.

Thus begins a tough mental battle in the psyche of the two fighters, with the legacy they carry with them. My Hero Academia 6x10 will debut on Crunchyroll on Saturday, December 3rd 2022.

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