The Pirate Empress is a nickname common across the various seas ONE PIECE. With his all-female crew, Boa Hancock has terrorized various islands and even the Marines, leading the World Government to decide on an invitation to join the Fleet of Seven, a certain pirate organization controlled by the Stars of Wisdom.

So Boa Hancock lived with Amazon Lily along with his crew, the pirates Kuja, from one heist to the next. Although her name was well known in the world of ONE PIECE, Luffy and the readers only got to know her in later stages and met her personally during the Amazon Lily saga. Here Boa Hancock appeared to be a domineering person, violent towards men, but then reality began to emerge.

And so, between various fights and declarations of love, Boa Hancock has become a character very popular with the public. ONE PIECE-themed cosplays have also multiplied with her at the center of the recordings, and Muatori is one of many who have interpreted her. In these photos that he uploaded to his Instagram account is the Boa Hancock Cosplay has a special dress which was not used in the manga but was chosen by the cosplayer. not a red or purple dress but a white one with red dots which gives her an elegant and figure fitting look.

Here is a Boa Hancock cosplay in a classic red dress or a STAMPEDE dress cosplay.

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