The anime of Tokyo Revengers, one of the novelties of this Spring Plan 2021, confirms the very high expectations that surrounded it. In the first episode, the protagonist Takemichi was offered a second chance. Will he be able to change his past and future?

On the verge of death, Takemichi Hanagaki was struck by only one thought: his middle school girlfriend, who had disappeared a few days earlier. This consideration leads him to a leap back in time twelve years old with the sole aim of saving Hinata Tachibana's life. Changing the past to revolutionize the present and the future.

But Takemichi doesn't have any more Self-confidence. After more than 20 years of fleeing his problems, he now considers himself a "loser" and has no chance of completing his task.

During the second episode of Tokyo Revengers in the present, Takemichi meets Naoto Tachibana, Hinata's younger brother, who managed to survive the events that should have led to his death. The two are determined to go back in time and this time save the girl too.

For an unknown reason, which requires a lot of willpower, Naoto realizes that Takemichi can only travel through time when the two shake hands. Again the protagonist goes back to twelve years ago, but unfortunately exactly on the day he comes brutally beaten by Tokyo Manji Gang, a group of thugs who will be responsible for Hinata's death in the future.

Takemichi's mission is to keep gang leaders Manjiro Sano and Kisaki Tetta from meeting. In this way, Hina will most likely save her life. However, the investigation into the two boys only leads to the protagonist being repeatedly beaten up. Determined to put an end to this story, Takemichi goes in search of Naoto so he can shake his hand and return to the present. But when he shows up at the Tachibana house, he meets Hinata, for whom he has new motivation revolutionize his life.

Takemichi is now convinced: his only goal is to save the girl's life. against his fate and the sad and lonely life he lived. To do this, he takes the place of his friend Takuya, who is forced to fight in a betting round and challenge the brutal leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Kyomasa. Takemichi had a second chance at Tokyo Revengers, but can a single act of courage change the course of a lifetime? Tokyo Revengers premiere was a success, here's the welcome on the internet.

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