After Dragon Ball, which concluded the original story of Akira Toriyama, new forms and transformations came, first with the feature films of the 2000s and then with Dragon Ball Super. We have therefore seen the presence of other deities, a form that is still as mysterious as Ultra Instinct and much more that is certainly deepened in the manga.

The many Transformations of Goku they did it with a lot of screams Protagonist of Dragon Ball Super almost omnipotent compared to the antagonists. In some cases, Saiyan managed to combine some of these shapes. In fact, in the new anime, we saw Super Saiyan blue in combination with Kaiohken level 20, a shape we haven't seen since the days of Dragon Ball Z.

But a fan has been considering the possibility of combining many more transformations and techniques from the world of Dragon Ball Super to present the final form of Goku. This first requires the Fusion with Vegeta in Gogetaand then through the Super Saiyan Blue. To do this, he added the Kaiohken and the new one Ultra Instinct in a definitive version and perfectly mastered. This would create an unbeatable warrior for anyone who exists in this Dragon Ball multiverse. Will Toyotaro and Toriyama ever present such a form in manga and anime, or would it be impossible to manage them?

In the meantime, at least Gogeta could be useful at the moment as the protagonists are in trouble against Dragon Ball Super's current enemy, Molo, the wizard.

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