The war between heroes and villains began My hero academia season 6 led to the direct confrontation between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, who are currently waging the eternal battle between One For All and All For One.

Katsuki Bakugo's rise in My Hero Academia 6x09 brought Kacchan to sacrifice himself to defend the one who has always looked through the eyes of a rival, but who is actually also a great friend of his.

In which tenth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 The event angers Deku who, teased by the provocations of All For One, who slumbered inside Tomura Shigaraki and eventually took his place, completely loses control. Blinded by rage and full of power, he lunges at the enemy but is eventually touched by All For One.

If the villain gets his hands on One For All, the fight shifts to an otherworldly world. The scene moves to the dream world of One For All where Tomura Shigaraki is trying to regain control of his body and Nana Shimura is running to save Deku. Finally, as All For One tries to grab the Quirk he's always craved, the younger brother and first owner of One For All also rushes to the rescue of the two heroes. Who will emerge victorious from this battle remains to be seen experienced with the release of My Hero Academia 6x11.

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