A new original saga was inaugurated with Episode 276 of the Boruto anime, but it seems to be closely linked to the events of the manga. While Episode 278 of Boruto In fact, the Kara Organization threat returns. Let's find out what happens in the Labyrinth of Games arc.

Apparently, this new saga is an original anime produced by Studio Pierrot Connection bridge to the manga series. As we suspected, maybe in January Boruto will return to adapt the manga. Here's the sensational reveal of Boruto Episode 278.

During Boruto's third deadly experiment, the victims of the Ouga Games Maze You must fight to survive in a room whose roof is slowly falling down until it crushes those present. When Boruto and his companions finally manage to escape this trap by destroying the ground beneath their feet, one of the test subjects in the lab notices a particular detail. Apparently one of those present is a traitor.

Boruto discovers that one of the Maze of Games' companions is wearing a headset that can communicate with the outside world. Sarada and Kawaki, who are in Konoha, confirm the suspicion. One of the protagonists of this is part of the group once commanded by Jigen. Kiseru Gankubi is a Exterior of the Kara Organization.

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