Episode 20 of Spy x Family debuted Fiona Frost, Loid Forger's co-worker at Ostania Hospital, who's hiding a secret: she's an infiltrated spy for WISE. in the tenth episode of Spy x Family Part 2 We witness the first few missions of agents Twilight and Nightfall.

In Spy x Family 1x21 Nightfall, she attempted to replace Yor as the Forger family's mother for theOperation Strix. Though unsuccessful, in the next episode we see that Fiona is still determined to win Loid's heart.

Nightfall meets with Twilight to brief him on a new assignment. The two must infiltrate Cavin Campbell's property to acquire the Lady of the Sun, a priceless painting that once belonged to an Eastern Intelligence officer. This spy appears to have been in possession Information that can reignite the conflict between East and West and according to an informant, these are hidden in the picture. This is precisely why Twilight and Nightfall must recover it at all costs.

Campbell organized one illegal tennis tournament in which one can participate with large sums of money and whose winners have the right to choose any of the works of art in the collection as a reward. Twilight and Fiona attend as the married couple Gwight and TombΓ©e Phony, apparently with the intention of appropriating the "Lady of the Sun".

After defeating a pair of former "Grand Slam" pro players, the two secret agents are confronted with the Boric brothers. Only then does Twilight discover this There are no rules in the secret tournament and that even doping and technology are allowed. Despite this, the two reach the finals where they battle it out with the Campbell brothers for victory. However, the finale is so dirty and made up that it gets the two spies in trouble.

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