Panini Comics unveils the 2021 comics, the announcements in Lucca Changes

In a live broadcast on your Facebook profile Panini Comics Italy revealed all the news for the new year. Among the stories of horror, resilience and hope for the future, we discover Panini Comics' editorial plan for 2021.

Enrico Ferraresi, editorial coordinator Stefania Simonini, publishing director Sara Mattioli and director Marco Lupoi revealed live on Facebook on the occasion of Lucca Changes all messages that Panini Comics will be releasing in 2021.

The first announcement was The 7 Deadly Sins, a western set from 1867. This comic will tell the story of a group of sentenced to death criminals. Under the leadership of an African American outlaw, they will embark on a bloody quest for redemption and vengeance in order to achieve what they have been searching for all their lives: freedom. The volume will be released in Italian comic book stores in January 2021.

The second announcement comes from TKO Studio. Goodnight Paradise, designed by Alberto Ponticelli, is a survival story, a crime that tells the story ofMurder of a teenager ran away from home. A homeless man is found on his trail.

Panini Comics Italia's new additions in 2021 are The Resistance, a self-contained comic focused on a pandemicand Sea of ​​Stars, the story of a father and son struggling with a journey to the edge of the galaxy.

Great expectation for that Horizon Zero Dawn cartoon, Continuation of the famous Sony PlayStation video game. The Witcher Fading Memories comic will also appear in the Video Games division, a franchise known for books and the Netflix series. With a huge series of comics, Panini Comics started the era of DC Comics. If you missed them, check out all of Panini Comics' August releases here.

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