Spy x family part 2 nearing the season finale. Before closing, Twilight and Nightfall must complete the task given to them by WISE. Will they manage to get hold of the precious picture that contains information that could ignite the conflict between East and West?

In Spy x Family 1x22 the illegal tennis tournamentin which Twilight and Nightfall participate as gods Spouse Gwight and TombΓ©e Phony to get an image that one of their informants said might contain sensitive information. Did you know that Spy x Family is one of the most watched anime this season?

Without too many problems, although the participants use doping and other means that are considered illegal but are still allowed by the tournament, they reached the final. The final match is against the Campbell brothers, but before Twilight and Nightfall even begin, they are stunned by narcotics.

Throughout the game, we see the Campbell brothers with racquets equipped with technological gadgets and shady tricks, which succeeds at first got the two secret agents in trouble. When Twilight and Nightfall manage to regain control of the game, they are faced with even dirtier tricks.

In which'Spy x Family 1x23 preview the tournament is over. Will Twilight and Nightfall triumph against all odds? The preview clip also shows Fiona confronting you head-on. What will happen between the two women? We will have some answers with the release of the 11th part of Spy x Family Part 2 that will be aired Crunchyroll on December 10, 2022.

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