there sixth season of My Hero Academia has reached a major turning point. The heroes now seem overwhelmed as Shigaraki is endowed with unstoppable powers and Gigantomachia is engaged in an unstoppable race. The situation gets even worse when this hero gets badly injured.

Tomura Shigaraki hasn't been able to do this yet true power of All For One thanks to Eraserhead and his Undoing Quirk. Aware of this, the rogue prince threw himself headlong against Professor Aizawa, who, however, was protected by the union of several heroes, including Midoriya. However, that wasn't enough either, as Shigaraki eventually managed to line one of Overhaul's bullets at Eraserhead.

In My Hero Academia 6x09, Aizawa is shot in the leg, and shortly after, the bullet's power spreads to the whole body. erase the hero's uniqueness forever. Without thinking twice, Eraserhead promptly responds by cutting off his leg to prevent the bullet from entering and spreading inside.

Eraserhead isn't the only one with quick reflexes, though. taking advantage of the confusing situation, Shigaraki continues his hunt, come among the heroes. However, when he finally manages to get his hands on his face, Deku manages to intercept him and push him away from his professor. Midoriya will fight with 100% of his power, using the rage that pervades his body, but However, Eraserhead just lost an eye and a leg. Will the beloved hero of My Hero Academia have to say goodbye to his career? My Hero Academia 6's animations are muted, but the season is wasted unforgettable moments for the viewers.

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