There Saga of androids in Dragon Ball was one of the four great sagas of Dragon Ball Z, which was as revered by the fans as the others. In this phase, the Z warriors face the challenges of Dr. Gelo created androids who want to kill Goku. The saga was appreciated for its gripping plot, interesting characters and spectacular action scenes.

Of course, as with any Dragon Ball saga, there are new characters that appear. One of the most famous characters in the Android saga is C18. Initially an enemy of the heroes, No. 18 is defeated and absorbed by Cell and later joins the Z Warriors through the efforts of Krillin, who aids both her and her brother. Cold and distant, always with money and luxury on her mind, Android 18 is a formidable fighter who proves herself very little in Dragon Ball Z.

In Dragon Ball greatHowever, C18 plays an important role in the warrior team that competes in the Tournament of Power. In this competition, the warriors must fight against other teams to save their universes from extinction, and Android 18 is one of the chosen fighters of the universe of Goku and Co. During the tournament, she once again demonstrates her strength, facing increasingly powerful enemies and proves to be valuable allies for Universe 7.

Getting to the Tournament of Power, however, requires training, and that's what PAM is doing in this photo. The C18 cosplay in pink tracksuit during training revisits the version of the character from the anime Dragon Ball Super, highlighting one of the few phases of the battle in which she was the protagonist, along with the clash with Molo from the manga.

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