The war has started My hero academia season 6 he sees the heroes already cornered. The awakening of Tomura Shigaraki, the plot of Dabi and the run of Gigantomachy have thrown the society of heroes into turmoil. Fate is now in the hands of the students at Yuei High School

In My Hero Academia 6x07, Shigaraki has started his fight in search of the one for all, but Endeavor, Eraserhead and the others don't seem to be able to trouble him. It will be Midoriya as the heir to One For All who has to do it defeat his evil alter ego owned by All For One.

On the other side, Daby, Toga, and Mr. Compress mounted Gigantomachy, who, listening to his master's voice, drove off. The colossal villain's advance is terrifying and not even Mt. Lady managed to stop him. midnightInstead, she fell victim to the Paranormal Liberation Front army in My Hero Academia 6x07.

However, before his death, the professor managed to communicate with Yaoyorozu and confide in her his final wishes. To stop Gigantomachy, it must be euthanized with a large amount of narcotic. Blocking the villain's advance is now a Responsibilities of Class 1-A and 1-B Students of Yuei High School. The future of the company lies in the hands of the academy's rising heroes.

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