With seven episodes already aired the second part of Spy x Family reaches the turning point. In fact, there are only five more dates to attend the conclusion of the first anime season. So let's find out what will happen in the 20th episode of the adaptation produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks.

In the previous episode of Spy x Family, Anya and Damian faced the tragedy of George Glooman. The boy was convinced that the family business was on the verge of collapse and that he could no longer witness it Eden Academy. However, Glooman Pharmaceutical did not go bankrupt, it was only acquired by the Desmond Group. And what will happen now?

The twentieth episode of the Spy x Family anime series titled “Hospital Examination, Breaking the Dark Code” will leave the school walls of Eden to face a new mission alongside Papa Loid. In the role of duskHe has to work with his friend Franky. But who is that? mysterious woman with fierce eyes Who appears in the PV trailer and why is he at the hospital where Loid is working undercover? A new, important protagonist will make her debut.

Meanwhile yor, as the thorn princessShe moves around the city with Anya's hand. The next episode of the Spy x Family adaptation will air on Crunchyroll via simulcast streaming on November 19, 2022. We refer you to Loid and Anya on the cover of anan.

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