I’m looking forward to the upcoming Japanese debut of My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, three fantastic wallpapers depicting the three musketeers have been posted on the official website of the third film

My Hero Academia third film will get the Hero Society to face a giant threat, a criminal organization, the Humarize no Villain, which follows the creed of the Doomsday Quirk. According to this theory, the uniqueness becomes more and more powerful from generation to generation, up to destroy the world. To forestall this disaster, the evil Flect Turn intends to speed up the process with a mysterious poison gas based on the drug Trigger.

there Don’t humarize a villain It will attack multiple global locations including the United States, Egypt and Singapore. In order to defend these world cities, the boys of class 1-A are used, accompanied by Japanese and local pro heroes. The main location for the events of the film will be the fictional land of Oseon, in which Deku, Bakugo and Shoto, led by Endeavor, must stop the villains.

This trio of protagonists is the focus of a new advertising project. Each of them, accompanied by their respective mentor, is the protagonist of a beautiful one Wallpaper for mobile devices. The illustrations you can find at the end of the article are dedicated to Bakugo and Best Jeanist, Deku and All Might and Shoto and Endeavor. The horizontal connection of the three pictures results in a spectacular work of art.

Waiting for 6th of August, Release date of the film in Japanese theaters, we leave you with the trailer for My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission and a detailed look at the villains of the third film.

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