The sixth anime season of My Hero Academia ushered in the most exciting phase of the work created by Kohei Horikoshi. The war between heroes and villains devastates the society of heroes and even endangers the secret of Izuku Midoriya. Will the truth about his power soon come out?

For the safety of Midoriya, del Band that connects him to All Might only Bakugo and Gran Torino are aware of this. But the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front has revealed the mystery surrounding One For All: will everyone soon learn the truth about the power that Toshinori gave Deku as a gift?

In My Hero Academia 6x06, Shigaraki seems to have completely lost control. Challenged by Endeavor himself, he gives up the fight with Number One to set off in search of another target. An insistent voice in his head tells him to move on in the footsteps of One For All.

Sensing that Tomura is looking for him, Midoriya first moves away from the civilians who are evacuating the city en masse. Though unable to reveal the truth to Endeavor, for some reason he hints so through radio communication The villain is looking for him. Suspicious of the situation, Numero Uno also hears the rumble of a certain One For All.

Soon both Endeavor and others Heroes can find out the truth about Deku, on his One For All and on the link indirectly connecting him to the All For One now owned by Shigaraki. But what happens to the rising hero when the truth comes out? Meanwhile, the cataclysm progresses in the My Hero Academia 6x07 trailer.

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