That Revelations at Egghead continue. ONE PIECE has decided to focus on a completely different saga from the previous ones, with little action but with an extremely important character who finally made his expected appearance. Let's see what previews dedicated to the chapter that have appeared on the web so far.

That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1066 Start with the mini-adventure dedicated to Germa 66 who, after the clip dedicated to the Blackbeard pirates, manages to escape definitively from Whole Cake Island with her ship. However, the chapter begins with Shaka starting to talk to the Mugiwara group, specifically Nico Robin, mentioning Ohara and what happened after the Buster Call.

In which Images of ONE PIECE 1066 available below, spanning the entire chapter, is Ohara's flashback featuring Vegapunk and Dragon. The latter is younger and still tattoo-free, while Vegapunk is a tiny little man with a huge head three times his size. Dragon decides to raise the revolutionary army while Ohara's books were taken to Elbaf by the giants.

Shaka continues the story while Where Luffy is, the real Vegapunk appears, aged compared to flashback and with a much smaller head. Where will this meeting lead to in ONE PIECE? And will that force you to go to Elbaf?

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