The community is divided. On the one hand the great hype about the new trailer, which was published on the occasion of Jump Festa 2022, on the other hand the disappointment about what caught the eye in the same clip. In the teaser of My Hero Academia Season 6 Tatsuki Fujimoto's Easter egg dedicated to Chainsaw Man has been removed.

The second day of the Jump Festival 2022 of Shueisha was launched through the presentation of the first official trailer of Season 6 of My Hero Academia. A teaser that has generated mixed reactions in fandom. If, on the one hand, the community is excited about what it will see, namely the adaptation of one of the work's most successful sagas, it will, on the other hand, be disappointed by a "serious" deficiency. In fact, the clip stated that this hero was missing from the ranks of the Pro Heroes army!

As you can see in the comparison posted by user @ Atsushi101X on Twitter, there is a hero in the manga besides Fatgum who is clearly the namesake Chainsaw Man protagonist by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shonen Jump-Hit-Manga. In the animated version, however, this character was replaced by a similar one.

But why was the Easter egg for Chainsaw Man canceled? For the manga, Kohei Horikoshi had the express permission from colleague Fujimoto to use his character. This was not translated for the anime series because in Japan the Copyright Act it is very strict. In addition, there can also be a marketing reason. My Hero Academia is a Studio Bones product, while Chainsaw Man is part of the next Studio MAPPA range. Simply put, the Boku no Hero Academia animation studio may have decided against it advertise a competing product.

Let's stick with the trailer for My Hero Academia 6, from which the question arose, and a cosplay by Camie Utsushimi.

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