The My Villain Academia narrative arc expands and deepens the origins of many of the antagonists who emerged over the course of. became known My hero academy and while Tomura Shigaraki seems to remember his terrible past, a few episodes after the conclusion of season five, a new villain made his debut, let's discover his powers together.

Episode 111 with the title "Tenko Shimura: Origins"He actually leaves several scenes in Shigaraki's memory when this man confronts Re-Destro, commander of the Superpowers Liberation Army. Tomura's opponent turns out to be a clever computer capable of study the boy's skills, and it is precisely during this analysis that his stress level begins to rise.

This has a direct impact on its main performance, also defined Meta-skill according to the army's mindset, which enables him to turn worries, fears and anger into sheer power, which also leads to an increase in his height. In the clip shown below, shared by @ Atsushi101X, Re-Destro reaches 80% of its potential, Shigaraki attacks with the Stress Output Burden, an energy sphere in which he has accumulated stress.

While we wait for the battle to return, we'll let you preview the 5x24 episode and we'll remind you My Hero Academia Chapter 326 comes out on September 17th at 5 p.m. on Manga Plus.

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