The fight against All For One picks up where Kohei Horikoshi left us. While one of the two pro heroes is temporarily out of action, number two is My hero academy is saved by the timely intervention of Class 1-A students. What turn will this terrible battle take?

The first page of My Hero Academia Chapter 355 focuses on Make an effort for reflections. Number One understands that he fell into the enemy’s trap and failed miserably by allowing anger to overcome him. The Flame Hero is down, but he’s still alive, as Hawks notices through his feathers.

Convinced by the words of his favorite student, the winged hero decides to do so Team up with Tokoyami and Jiro. However, All For One quickly counterattacks with his mutated arm. Its fearsome tentacles target the two Yuei, but they dodge it by a hair’s breadth. In reality, Jiro hadn’t even noticed the incoming attack and is only safe thanks to Hawk’s feathers.

That The Japanese number two meets All For One, who, however, continues with her monstrous attacks. Both Hawks and Jiro are hit, with the student even losing one of her headphones. But despite the bad blow, fueled by the strength of friendship, the girl unleashes her most powerful attack, the Heart-Beat Wall Legato. In My Hero Academia 355, the role of two insignificant chess pieces turns the tide of battle.

The sound wave rocks All For One, which is coming blocked by the remains of the numerous stolen quirks. Perhaps due to the new order of Star and Stripe, elders, women and men hold back the villain, leaving him defenseless against the hawks’ attack. The winged hero jumps at the chance to strike All For One’s only weak point with his feathered sword. The Helm of the Symbol of Fear has been destroyed.

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