Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 2 sells more than 112,000 copies with its first Blu-ray

The official update confirmed that within a week of its launch in the Japanese market, the first Blu-ray compilation package of the second season of Uma Musume: Nice derby, accumulated 112,030 copies sold in the first week. This represents a new sales record in all of anime history, surpassing the 82,515 of Love life! School Idol Project. It should be noted that more than 99,000 copies were reported yesterday, but the number was tentative.

The package was released in Japan on May 26th and contains the first through fourth episodes of this second season. It is only available in a Blu-ray format, priced at 9,790 yen (about $ 94), and features perks such as an illustration booklet, original novel, audio commentary, production materials, and in-game smartphone redemption codes.

This second season aired in Japan during the 2021 winter season while the distribution license is in the hands of the Crunchyroll platform. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, on the other hand, is a multimedia franchise from Cygames. A smartphone game should be released for iOS and Android devices in 2018. However, it was postponed and released in Japan on February 24th.

Production team

  • Kei oikawa was responsible for the direction of the anime in Studio KAITo replace studies PA works which this time are listed as assistants.
  • Yousuke Kabashima was responsible for the character design in collaboration with Tomoko TsujiBoth also take care of the animation direction.
  • Yuuichi morita, Taro iwashiro Y. Utamaro You returned as a sound director, music producer and soundtrack composer.

Synopsis of Uma Musume Pretty Derby

In the world of horse racing, Team Spica's horse girls have grown in popularity as they continue to win. The one who gets the most attention in the group is Toukai Teiou, known for her cheerful personality and exceptional running skills. Teiou aims to become an undefeated Triple Crown horse girl by winning all three consecutive G1 races, an feat that has not been achieved since the legendary Symbolic Rudolf so many years ago. On his way to the Triple Crown, Teiou faces many challenges and meets rivals old and new. Amid their fierce rivalries, however, Teiou soon faces decisions that will have a major impact on her own running career.

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