Tower of God final chapter: "Tell him to go up to the 77th floor WHEN HE'S A SUPREME. Tell him UREK MAZINO is waiting for him. ”


Here it all begins, the story of a girl who went behind the ground to see the stars and her friend Bam who could not be without her. Both arrived at the Tower, he was called as the savior of it and she a simple mistake, one that will be used as bait to achieve the end that many long to obtain from Bam.

From the beginning, Rachel's dream was a simple excuse, because she wanted to be what everyone admired and longed to have close, she wanted to be the star that shines the brightest and highest. Along the way, her stumbles according to her are called Bam, a boy who would give everything for her and who continues to give her even with everything that comes her way.

Bam unwittingly or inadvertently gets the attention, admiration, friendship and respect of those around him. He becomes the fear of others who possess a greater power that took years to shape and at the same time he becomes the leader that unifies a team that wants a goal to achieve ... Climb the Tower to obtain their wishes.

That inseparable group mourns the "death" of Bam, "they do not know" that the culprit was Rachel and they do not expect their friend and leader to return any more. Even so, they all make the decision to take care of Rachel and help her climb the Tower as a way of paying for everything Bam offered and did for them.

Lero-Ro gives up on the suspicion that something is wrong and that Han Sung Yu has a lot to do with everything that has happened, now he goes after those answers with Quint.

Everything that has been planned by Supreme and entities that Bam does not yet know and that has been executed by Han Sung Yu, along with that red haired girl who will be Bam's Guide, will be the beginning of a new creation, the creation of a weapon that will achieve everyone's goals in that Tower. While Khun also plans to get answers and achieve what he and his companions want.

Now Bam will go after everything he originally wanted, plus the answers to his new questions. Bam will be the weapon of the Supreme, will be the savior and the god of that Tower. Now Bam will go down the path that will change everything ... He ended his path on the 2nd floor and now he will begin his new destiny in that cave from which he will only emerge ... To fight.


This episode is covering chapters 74-78 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start to explain what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

Where to start and how to clarify all this. The truth is and how I have said it in all the reviews, the difference between Manhwa and anime are not many, but it is true that there are details that make a lot of difference and that could clarify many more things if you read in Manhwa, well Both names and data released between episodes are keys to understanding what is to come. The end of the first season in Manhwa is more or less similar to that of anime, but these data are of utmost importance. For example, at the end of the test and everything and after they cry to Bam, Han Sung Yu gives a ring to all the participants who will now be able to climb the tower, but those rings are not only to commemorate that battle so well won, they are trackers.

Here enters the second season and everything becomes crazy that kills interest, as soon as you start reading you will not let it go. Bam is found as shown in the anime by the red haired guide, who is a very key girl in the entire Manhwa ... Well, so far in her four seasons. She is not only a guide, she has a gift to see the future and help make the best decisions. Something if I must clarify is that she is not the one who trains Bam as she says in her dialogue in chapter 13, she will simply be the guide, the one who will train Bam is another boy or lord who will help him throughout the process of growing in power and be stronger.

I also want to clarify that the plan behind Rachel is even bigger than you think, because behind her there is not only Headon, Han Sung Yu and the guide, here are Supreme after the plan to train Bam and convert him not only in a savior, but in a weapon. But everything comes at a cost and in order for Bam to be sedated by that cruel training, he will be constantly threatened with the death of his friends, those with whom he sees himself at the top of the Tower.

Lero-Ro resigns and Han Sung dismisses Quint, who joins the search for the truth with Lero-Ro. Lero-Ro also becomes a great ally of Bam in the future. Dig to clarify that Bam's allies will grow so much that the powerful entities that support him will be crazy.

I also clarify that Bam becomes a shadow, a famous "assassin" in the Tower under another pseudonym, and all to scale the Tower more quickly according to plan, but it takes up to three years before everyone discovers that Bam is alive.

A crazy fact is the one that came out in the previous chapter and it is that emblem that Lady Yuri Jahad throws at Shibisu so that I gave it to Bam, The Emblem of the Winged Tree. This emblem is part of the court or the most powerful characters after Yuri, but not only that but that message that says "Tell him to go up to the 77th floor WHEN HE IS A SUPREME. Tell him UREK MAZINO is waiting for him. ” Boys Urek Maximo is the most powerful Irregular in the Tower so far and one of the 10 most powerful people in Manhwa according to the same author, occupying the 5th place, because more powerful than he is King Jahad. Although the Manhwa is already at the end of the fourth season, there is still no physical knowledge of Urek, nor of other characters that are part of the list and you have been named on several occasions, as a very large battle is coming to overthrow everything. bad in the tower and I think that in the next season we will be seeing those powerful people. But it should be clarified that many other very powerful have already made a presence and the battles are crazy, along with the new characters and those of always.

Boy this Manhwa and this story does not bore at any time and I tell you that if for aesthetic reasons the Manhwa bothers you, from the second season the designs begin to improve and for the third and fourth the designs of the Manhwa, people, colors, aesthetics and more, they are impressive and very professional. So don't be bored and give this amazing creation a chance.

Guys, something that might interest you is that Khun is the brightest mastermind this Manhwa will have. The boy grows in power and strategy being Bam's right hand in everything that counts, so much so that Khun is the only one who realizes that Rachel was actually able to kill Bam and that he lies about not being able to walk, because he did it. he deduces everything and does not doubt his intuitions. He also tells all these data and suspicions to a single person, one who also becomes his best ally, friend and colleague, that one in Shibisu, who comes to know everything that Khun knows because he trusts me more than they think. . The team also stays together by battling many times on different paths or together from now on, they did not separate, because even if they are on different floors or tests, they keep in daily contact ... They are friends and we will see them at times when B, Khun and Rak need them the most.

I also remind you that the Manhwa is free and you can view it without problems in Spanish or English in the Webtoon application, which is the official Manhwa application. In English it is more advanced, but with what it can take to read it calmly, they would be fine. But if you are one of those who finish everything in a week, you can follow it in English. THEY WILL NOT REPENT, a lover of the Manhwas tells them.

Another final piece of information and I am leaving, Khun and Bam look beautiful with the passing of the chapters and the years, because if, as they read in the Manhwa, time goes by and both Bam, Khun, Rak and all the others, They can grow and change their aspects over the years ... But they never stop being friends, the union maintains them and their dreams of climbing the Tower together makes them fight without fear in the hardest battles.

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