The fifth season of My hero academia officially started some kind of internal civil war at Yuei High School, showing a series of fights between Grade 1-A and 1-B students. In the final installment, this initiative, organized by Professors Aizawa and Kan, appears to be a new rivalry between two rising heroes.

It's about Fumikage Tokoyami from Section A and Shihai Kuroiro from Section B., both with powers that are somehow related to the shadows, or to the Quirk Dark Shadows and Black. The protagonist class emerged victorious from the first battle against rivals and relied heavily on Shinso's power. In the second round, eight other students were involved, including Tokoyami and Vantablack.

The former is able to summon Dark Shadow, a shadow creature that can help him in battles Shihai has the ability to fuse her body with shadows and everything that is darkas well as being able to move at great speed. This similarity underpins the new rivalry that has arisen in the fifth episode of the new season. During the fight, Tokoyami decided to show his new technique, Dark fallen angel, learned during the internship according to the teachings of Pro Hero number 2, Hawks.

Despite this surprising step by Tokoyami, victory for Deku and his companions is still not assured Grade 1-B students may have aces up their sleeves reverse the situation. Remember the Black Clover writer congratulated Horikoshi, and we leave you with our review of episode 5x05 of My Hero Academia.

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